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Buffy Replicas



Mr. Pointy Plush


Life Size Angel Puppet Prop Replica


Miniature Slayer's Scythe


Claddagh Ring Prop Replica Set


Du Lac Cross Replica


Gem of Amara


Angel - Feigenbaum Prop Replica


Mr. Gordo Replica


Darkest Magicks Prop Replica


Spike Puppet


Mr. Pointy Replica


Angel Vampire Puppet


Gentlemen's Voice Box


Anyanka's Amulet


Urn of Osiris


Angel "Smile Time" Puppet Battled Damaged Prop Replica


Angel "Smile Time" Puppet Prop Replica


Buffy Slayer's Cross Necklace Prop Replica

Buffy Slayer's Scythe Prop Replica


Sword of Angelus Prop Replica




Buffy Slayer's Stake Prop Replica


Buffy Slayer's Orb of Thesulah Replica


Buffy Vampyr Book Replica




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