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Buffy PALz
Series One, Series Two, Series Three, Palz Specials

Palisades Toys is proud to present the first series of PALz™, new block figures based on the popular TV Show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Designed from their appearance in the first season of Buffy, the first Series of Buffy PALz™ are fully loaded with a number of fantastic features. First, each figure will come with more accessories than any other “block” style figure (i.e. Lego, Kubricks, Mini-Mates, etc.) released to date, including a tombstone so that you can build the Sunnydale Cemetery as you collect the whole series. Plus, each figure includes all the additional body and clothing parts to enable you to "transform" your block figure into a nifty new version of the character as well as a head that has two facial expressions. For example, display the normal face, or turn the head under the hair for a quick “vampire” transformation! As a special bonus, each figure pack contains a UNIQUE collectible card created especially for this block figure set by the fine folks at Inkworks! You can ONLY get these character cards in these figure sets!
Buffy - Series 1      

Buffy (PALz-1)   


Giles (PALz-2)


Willow (PALz-3) 


Xander (PALz-4)  


Darla (PALz-5) 


The Master (PALz-6) 


Vampire Buffy




Vampire Darla

Buffy PALz Preview


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